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Welcome to our IT and Healthcare Recruitment Agencies. We supply contract, permanent, interim and executive Technology and Healthcare professionals. We provide jobs for software developers, web developers, cyber security staff, data analysts, Big Data, Full stack developer etc in Technology Companies in the United Kingdom and worldwide.  We do not just stop there, we also place Healthcare workers such as, Nurses, Nurse Professionals, Doctors, General Practitioners, (GP’s,) with companies. We place them  in Private Hospitals, GP Surgeries. Health Service and other Healthcare Organisations in the United Kingdom. We also place them in Europe  Australia, New Zealand Asia and Middle east.  Please go through our website and find out more on how our recruitment agencies service can help you. whether you are looking for a job or you need to fill a position in your Establishment, we are the agency you need to talk to.

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Our Services

Executive Search

Global Recruitment Agencies service of CEO, Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Tech Officers (CTO), Directors, MDs, Consultants and others

Executive search

CEO, CIO, CTO, Directors, MDs, Consultants and others


Permanent Recruitment

Global Permanent Recruitment of Mid to Senior level Professionals into Companies in the UK and globally

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment of mid to senior level professionals


Interim Management

Providing Companies with experienced Executives to take leadership roles on a short term basis while a permanent solution is in progress

Interim Management

Calling All Interim Professionals To Dovebiz


Contract Recruitment

The Contract Recruitment of Mid to Senior level candidates into Companies in the United and Overseas

Contract Recruitment

Calling all Contract Workers to register with us.

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Software Development. Web Development. System Administration, Information Security. Big Data, Data Science, IT Help desk

Calling All Programmers, Web developers Web designers, Cyber security Professionals



Registered Nurses, Specialist Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, GPs, Hospital Doctors,
  • Registered Nurses, Specialist Nurses, Nurse Practitioners,
  • GPs, Hospital Doctors,


Clients and Applicant Referral Bonus starting from £250 - £1,200 per referral.
  • Annual Salary              Referral Bonus
  • £00,000 – £35,999          £250
  • £36,000 – £50,999         £500
  • £51,000 – £70,999          £700
  • Click for higher payout
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