Global Executive Search

Are your looking for your next Chief Executive Office (CEO) or any another Senior level Executive talent, Our Global Executive Search section provides Senior-level  talents in IT and Healthcare sector to Companies in the United Kingdom and Internationally. Our professional selection is based on high quality research network, extensive local and international partnership to identify and engage the best talent for your Organisation.

We listen to our Client’s requirement, work with them as a Team and ensure we provide the most suitable talent for their post. Clients’ confidentiality is  important to us.

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Interim Management

Our Interim Management service is ideal for Organisations going through change or turnaround and seek a top Executive in the meantime  to take the leadership of such Organisation while a permanent solution is underway. Such Executive brings his /her  specific set of skills and expertise to sustain the business success. We recruit in the IT and Healthcare sector in the United Kingdom.

We understand the importance of a Company’s goal and getting the right Leader that is why, we invest the time to understand your Company’s culture, how you operate and work with you as a team to get you the right Talent

interim management

Permanent Recruitment Services

We offer a Nationally and International Permanent Recruitment service to clients from Junior, Mid to Senior level. We know the importance of having the right  staff in an Organisation that is why, we  offer a professional sourcing and selection service to our clients. We help you secure employees to fit your business needs. while assessing their Skills, experience and personality to fit your business culture.

Contract Recruitment Service

Our Contract assignments currently in the UK are for a fixed amount of time. You will typically know the start and end date. These will sometimes change in the middle of an assignment. Some employees are on  3 months and some are on assignment for five years. Contractors typically work to a daily rate. Our network of contractors  is continuously growing and this enables us to supply  contractors on demand. Contact us to find out more.

Temporary Recruitment Service

Our Temporary Recruitment service help organisations cover their urgent assignments. This could be for the day or for the week. sometimes, a permanent staff of an Organisation could cancel their shift at the last minute due to  illness, delay or for any other reason and this is where we come in. Our Service allows Companies to run smoothly by filling these urgent positions. We currently operate this service in the United kingdom only.

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